Seasonal Snowplow Monitoring Application



Provides cities with a comprehensive fleet management system that helps them allocate resources effectively and reduce labor for calls about snow events and road status


User-friendly web application that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any city.

Introducing Vision

a new optional add-on feature available for SnowPaths.


  • Know exact material spread rate and how much salt is being applied to all surfaces.
  • Make more-informed decisions to improve material usage costs, worker productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduce the number of calls and inquiries from the public during a snow event.
  • Better manage time sheets & overtime, shift changes with the route completion percentage and printable maps.
  • Use vehicle location data to protect drivers from false property damage claims.
  • Metrics & mapping displayed for these leading spreader units: Bosch Rexroth, Certified Power, Dickey-John, Force America.

Salt, Sand, & Brine application tracking

Color-coded application trail

Printable detailed spreader reports

  • FleetPaths Supports
    Reveal, Network Fleet, Network
  • Includes Verizon’s extensive Roadside Assistance plan which provides services such as free towing
  • Track engine diagnostic trouble codes
  • Reliable, battery-powered tracking of fixed and movable fleet assets like trailers, shed, generators and heavy equipment
  • Over 20 different reports such as Geofencing,
    ELD and service records

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